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Website Construction Package

Website construction services

  • Website creative design: Our website designers have more than three years of work experience, and have deep skills in art design, website color matching, and creative planning.

    Website Custom Design

    Our website designers have more than three years of work experience, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design, and carefully designed a satisfactory corporate website for you.

  • Website access speed: The company's server is hosted in Alibaba Cloud's data center. The average website opening speed is within 5 seconds, and the average annual failure rate is less than 1 in 365 days.

    Domain Hosting-Alibaba Cloud

    The company's server is hosted in Alibaba Cloud data center. The average website opening speed is within 5 seconds , and the average annual failure rate is less than 1 in 365 days .

  • Website optimization and promotion of Baidu, 360 snapshot ranking: Creating value for customers is the company's motto, deeply rooted in the hearts of each employee, doing free website optimization and promotion marketing services, and quickly reflecting the value of the website

    Website marketing promotion

    Creating value for customers is the company ’s motto. It is deeply rooted in the minds of every employee, and the website is optimized for free marketing and promotion services to quickly reflect the value of the website.

  • Website after-sale maintenance: Website maintenance is guaranteed in the later stage of construction, and services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 minutes to respond to customer after-sales requirements, and solve problems within half an hour or provide solutions that cannot be resolved in a short time.

    Website after-sales maintenance

    7X24 hours service, respond to customer's after-sale needs within 1 minute , solve the problem within half an hour or give a solution if it cannot be resolved in a short time

Search platform advantages

What features are included in the website background

  • System features: high security, independent research and development, and independent intellectual property rights; scalable, the system has flexible expansion capabilities to meet the needs of continuous development; well optimized, with the most advanced search engine technology architecture, allowing enterprises to quickly through the Internet platform Display in front of customers to increase sales
  • Search platform functions: column management system, which can freely edit, add and subtract columns; information publishing system, which can publish unlimited products, news, and cases in the background of the website; website optimization system, which can customize search keywords in the background; map marking system , Website traffic analysis software, information submission system
  • Website construction design: take the user as the core, the page conforms to the thinking logic of product and service presentation; the overall design of the website is concise and generous, has a lot of vitality, has great program specialization, the page adopts an open structure design, and has a large scalability Sex. Columns and content are set reasonably, each column can cut into the key points and reflect the image
  • How to promote the website after its construction, website marketing features, and web design are in line with the user's habits of browsing the web. The most important content of the user is reflected in the eye-catching position of this homepage. Each page must have the company's contact information; the product display page actively recommends related products to customers

Website construction service commitment

What to do if the website is not satisfied

Bad attitude of service staff

Bad attitude of service staff

In the production of the website, designers neglect customers and have a bad service attitude . They can apply for a 100% refund , and they can also apply for a new designer.

Bad attitude of service staff

Website design dissatisfaction

Customers who are not satisfied with the first draft and are not willing to modify, 80% of the refund , after repeated communication and modification, the customer is still not satisfied, and the refund is 50%

Website access is slow

Website access is slow

As long as the website is not fully opened within 10 seconds and the statistics have reached more than 3 times, customers can apply for a new server for free

Service supervision and complaints

Service supervision and complaints

Take each customer's complaints seriously , your complaints help us improve the quality of our services, and you are welcome to supervise our services

Latest customer stories

1-3 new customer cases are added daily

  • Machinery industry case

    Machinery industry case

    Jinan Shun Carving CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., relying on its solid financial strength and the advantages of university talents, has independently developed Shun Carving's product quality and cost-effectiveness in the forefront of the industry. The company's main products are: woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, multi-head carving

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  • Hot mom wish

    Hot mom wish

    Shandong Boxing County Xinyanbao Kitchenware Barrel Factory is located in Binzhou, an excellent industrial city in Shandong. It faces the Yellow Sea in the east, Mount Tai in the south, the Condyle in the west, the Yellow River in the north, the National Highway 205 and the Jiqing Highway running through the city.

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  • Huaya Decoration (Cilu Station Construction Case

    Huaya Decoration (Cilu Station Construction Case

    Qilu Jianzhan ---- Shandong Huaya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. specializes in interior decoration of office space and business clubs. It is a decoration company integrating design, construction and monitoring. Can undertake all kinds of building interior and exterior decoration engineering construction and building interior decoration

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  • Website Operation-City Operator Recruitment

    Website Operation-City Operator Recruitment

    SouDian Network is committed to Jinan website construction service work, and has built many valuable websites for Jinan enterprises. Our service tenet is "Building a website that can make money is the last word." One idea to build

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  • Search Point Network-Case Study

    Search Point Network-Case Study

    Tai'an Development Zone Linze Garden is located in Tai'an, an ancient city with beautiful scenery and green mountains, at the foot of Taishan. The nursery is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the sales, promotion and production of seedlings. The company specializes in the sales of various high-quality green seedlings, fruit trees and seedlings.

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  • Jinan website construction company

    Jinan website construction company

    Jinan website construction is sponsored by optimizer Liu Fuqing (15628820205). Soudian Network (www.isodian.cc) is committed to providing enterprises with network integrated marketing and technology research and development services, and provides enterprises with overall Internet marketing planning services in Jinan and Shandong.

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  • Qilu Jianzhan

    Qilu Jianzhan

    Qilu website-Jinan website production is committed to Internet brand building and network marketing. The professional fields include enterprise website building, e-commerce website building, industry portal website building, group brand website building, government portal website building, and mobile

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  • Tianjin Gas Company

    Tianjin Gas Company

    Tianjin Gas Reform Service Network belongs to Tianjin Gas Group. Aiming at the chaos, backwardness, unprofessional service, unsafety, and unreasonable charges in the market of Tianjin gas reformation and gas reformation industry.

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  • Cases of station building in machinery industry

    Cases of station building in machinery industry

    Shanghai Chuangli Group Co., Ltd. is located at 1568 Songfu Road, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, with a registered capital of RMB 268.68 million. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a small giant enterprise in science and technology in Shanghai, an excellent enterprise in the national coal machinery industry, and a private enterprise in Shanghai

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